Friday, June 1, 2012

My "Minnie"

Naomi is potty trained! She was my easiest to train by far. She was about 50% the first day, had two accidents the second day, and was accident free the third. Of course, since then we've had more accidents, but really not too many- mostly when I put her in her room for time out. I've started putting her in the bathroom now instead. She also wears a pull up to bed and at most naps. This was necessary at first, but this last week she's stayed dry even at nights. She also tells me when we're out if she needs to go and uses public toilets with a little help. I'm so happy!

Her hair is finally getting thick and long enough to put in pig tails, pony tails and things. Though they still slip out or get pulled out pretty often. Naomi loves to dress herself and puts together some pretty crazy outfits. She mostly wants to wear dresses and skirts. When she can tell someone is getting ready to leave she'll grab jackets, purses, shoes, hats or whatever other accessories she thinks will convince us that she's ready to "go too".

She still has a talent for getting into trouble and we are working hard to get her to use her words more and cry less. Everyone used to be impressed with how much this girl eats. She still likes to have a sample of anything she sees someone else eating on her plate, but just nibbles and tastes most things.

I love that recently she and Dekker have started playing with each other more. In the afternoons when he's back from preschool and Josh isn't home yet Dekker and she will play. Today Dekker was hiding glow in the dark bracelets and then she would find them.