Monday, November 21, 2011

Naomi at Two

We celebrated Naomi's 2nd Birthday yesterday! Oh my how I love this little girl.

Naomi is talking more and more all the time. The favorite thing of mine that she says is "It's spicy". She says it remarkably clear, but in her cute little voice and inflection. Jake's favorite thing that she says is "I love you" because it really doesn't sound like "I love you" at all but "Iwahoo" but we know that's what she says because she says it back after we do, and has started even saying after one of her cute fish face unsolicited kisses. Her "Josh" and "Dex" used to both sound more like "Dash" but are now very clear and distinguishable. I also like the way she says "Read some books"- oh and how she says "horsey" "Mommy" and "Daddy" rather than just horse, mama, and Dad.

Although Naomi is our little princess, she is also my most mischievous one! I thought a girl would be less trouble- boy was I wrong! Where the boys sometimes fell into trouble, Naomi LOOKS for it. She waits until I'm distracted, or sees when there's an opportunity and moves FAST to get into things. She loves my purse and make up drawer and WATER! She loves to climb up, turn on and play in any sink. She even managed to flood our basement already by throwing toilet paper into the sink so that it couldn't keep up with the full blast water she was pouring into it.

She knows how to keep from getting into too much trouble too. As soon as she's caught she stops what she's doing, says "Okay!" and reaches out with open arms for a big hug (and to be carried away from the mess she's just made). Despite her ability to cause trouble, she really is a sweet heart. She gives such good hugs, snuggles and kisses. When the boys are wrestling and one of them is "hurt" or "dead" she will run and give them kisses to revive them. She adores her dad, and knows that he loves her. Jake tells me all the time that I'm going to have to be the one to discipline her cause he "just can't get mad at her".

We love our two year old Naomi, and life wouldn't be the same without her!