Friday, November 12, 2010

A week from tomorrow

I cannot believe it. I knew it would come fast, but not this fast. I'm happy I am. I'm sad too.

You are only nursing when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Which is nice for me since you now have 6 teeth. People say that with the right latch teeth shouldn't hurt. I guess we never got your latch quite right.

You make the signs "sleepy", "hungry", "thirsty", "all done" and can wave hello and goodbye. You say "woof, woof." And occasionally will say "Mama" "Dadad" and your own little versions of Josh and Dekker.

You LOVE your dad, and now just how to keep him wrapped around your little finger. When he's around you are reaching for him. You kiss him and snuggle him more than anyone. He eats it up. You like to play with him. You love to have him throw and toss you around on our bed.

You want to be just like your big brothers. Lately you love to follow them down to the toy room. You no longer like to go down the stairs backwards. Instead you hold on to the rails and slowly step down, or will sit on your bum and slide down that way. It makes us all nervous, but I guess you just want to show you can be like the big kids. In the toy room you love to reach in and pull everything out of the bins and boxes. We have a shorter box that you love to climb into.

Next Saturday is your birthday. Thank you for being here. I'm so happy you are healthy. I'm so happy you're mine.