Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eight months goes fast

Originally I thought I would do a monthly post on here until Naomi turned ONE. I've done those monthly posts, but I usually ended up posting them to our photoshare blog- and in fear of being repetitive- didn't post them here as well. This month though I had so many cute pics I figured I could get away with it. Plus I'm very pleased to announce (but I didn't want to put this on our photo blog) that I officially made it to pre-baby weight! Now- a number on the scale is not the best thing to go by. I still have a much squishier mid-section than I'd like, and my ideal weight is still a few more pounds away- but having met this mark- some of the other goals seem more reachable.

Now... to my sweet Naomi,

Oh how we love you Little One! Your dad says he didn't know how badly he needed you until you came. Your brothers can't get enough of you and I feel the need to constantly "protect" you from their smothering- even though you don't seem to mind too much. You are my busiest baby- always moving forward to the next step and accomplishing all benchmarks at a fast pace. You are full of smiles, but some what reserved with your laughs (although its getting easier to summon the giggles).

This last month you cut your two bottom teeth in the same day. You've become more playful and even joined in on your first round of "piece of this" with you Dad and brothers the other night. At first you watched with concern as they squealed and bounced around- but then you quickly decided it must be fun, and made your moves to join in. We all thought it was super cute to watch you try and attack, eat, and climb on Dad, and you laughed so hard when he tickled and attacked you back. You are all over the place and even learned to climb up the stairs. I'm constantly trying to contain you and keep you out of things much to your and my frustration. And though your not as cuddly as my boys, it makes your snuggles and kisses all the more rewarding when you decide to bestow them upon me.

I love you!