Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 months

24.1" long (43.19%)
12.3lbs (20.49%)
Head crc 16.2" (55.48%)
My weight: +8lbs
You laughed for the first time Feb 15. Started rolling from you back to tummy March 8th. Just the last couple of days you've really discovered your feet and like lifting them up in the air to look at. Still a good little sleeper, but you spit up ALL THE TIME! I am constantly washing burp cloths and changing your shirts (and mine). You're better about your car seat- but its still not your favorite place to be. Oh- and if I have you on your back on my lap you love to push off just far enough to let your head hang upside down (must remind you of the womb?). You laugh more and more, but we still have to work for them- at least I can say you are very generous with your smiles!

I floated around +10lbs the whole third month and finally started losing weight again this last month. I've realized the weight isn't going to come off as easy this time, but with Jake as busy as he is it was hard for me to get to the gym. I have a VIP pass though, so now that you're a little older, and the weather is a little warmer I've been going twice a week. I still try to go a little later in the day when there aren't so many kids there though- in the hopes of keeping you and the boys from catching too many colds, viruses, etc.

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