Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 week post partum

My six week post partum appointment was Tuesday.

Weighed in at +14lbs- which means I've lost a couple- hooray!

Everything else checked out fine as well.

Its been a rough last couple of weeks because I got hit with a nasty cold. Everyone else including little you has gotten it as well- but I seem to have been hit the hardest. It's extra hard since I really try not to take anything for fear of drying up my milk supply- but there have been a couple of nights when I gave in to NyQuil.

You had me worried because you stopped pooping on a daily basis. I even called the pediatrition because I rea that if an infant under 2 months doesn't have a bowl movement in 24 hours you should call. They said since you're still having plenty of wet diapers and there hasn't been any other signs to be concerned about that you're probably just entering a new phase. Then Tuesday the poo factory opened up big time! :) You had a blow out while I was at my appointment- luckily they had wipes and a diaper right there handy.

Looks like you've got a herniated belly button like Dekker- though not quite as big as his was. Doesn't bother me too much since Dekker's is now all but gone. Jake says if you still even have the slightest of one at age four (the earliest they'll do surgery on them) we should make sure you get the surgery.

You are smiling and cooing more and more. You've slept 8 hours one night and 5-6 hours at night almost regularly.

You hate your car seat though, and ALWAYS want to be held. The only reason I think you sleep good at night is due to the Snugglie wraps I wrap you up tight in and put on a hat- because during the day (when I don't bother to wrap you in more than a simple blanket) you never sleep in your crib for very long. You do okay in the bjorn carrier- but you certainly make it difficult for me to get much done during the days.

Those smiles win me over though. I love you SOSOSOSOSO VERY MUCH!