Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 weeks old

You're starting to fill out a little again- which I love. For a while your little face was just looking to skinny to me, but now your getting fuller cheeks again. You're in the awkward stage of getting too long for some of you newborn sized clothes, but still too skinny/little for 0-3 stuff.

Breastfeeding? I cried a lot today. I'm taking a break from nursing you on the left completly. Just pumping it, giving you some of that milk, and relying on the right side to make up the difference (at least I've never had a problem producing I guess). Not sure what the problem is exactly- my steroid cream hasn't done the trick. I have a bad crack that I think is just from proper latching issues that I'm trying to let heal and then we'll go round two. I alwasy freak myself out though worrying about yeast, mastitis, and (dare I say it?) staff. I pray over and over that it'll be okay. Perhaps swallowing my pride and going to or calling the lactation clinic would help- but I feel like this being baby 3, and all I've been through I should be able to figure it out better than them. We'll survive.

You're starting to snuggle and respond to me more. Just in little ways. I love the way you root around- and I like to hold you up to my cheeks and have you try to suck on them- I pretend those are your kisses to me!

I decided to step on a scale today... even though I said I wouldn't do that till my 6week check up. Sitting at +16 lbs, which means I've lost about 16lbs... I'm wondering if thats any more than I lost at the birth between baby, placenta, water weight etc... Oh well. I'm not going to stress myself out about it YET.

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  1. BF issues are so hard. UGH. I had all my problems with my left breast too. I had a crack the killed me for 11 weeks. But like you already know, it all ends up so worth it! I want to see pictures!!!