Thursday, November 5, 2009

36 Week appointment

Weight: +31 lbs (not bad for all the Halloween cany I've eaten!)
Naomi's heart beat: 130
Measuring: right at 36 weeks
Dialated: 3 cm!
70% effaced (if I remember right)
-1 station (pretty sure that's what she said)

Can I just say a love working with a low-key midwife office instead of a crazy OB office?! After my last appointment at 34 1/2 weeks Jana told me to be sure to schedule my 36 week appointment for right at 36 weeks so they could do and get back my Strep B test done and back before my famous 37 week mark, but when I set my appointment I accidently set it for NEXT Thursday instead of today- even though in my head I set the appointment for today. So when I got there today they didn't have me on the schedule! "No worries!" they assured me- they weren't super busy and so just added me to the schedule. I think I STILL only had to wait 10 minutes to be seen, which is about a third the time I used to always have to wait at the OB office when I was pregnant with Dekker.

I saw Jen today- and she told me that Sarah (the new midwife) just got her delivery privledges- and so she's attending most of the births with Jen and Janna for the next little bit. This is great news because I really like Sarah, and I'll have TWO midwives there helping me out!

Jen said that Naomi is head down and at the moment not posterior- although I guess that can still change. After the strep B test she checked my cervix and said, "You're a 2.5, nope- I'd say 3 cm dialated." She said the cervixi is thinning and that her head is right up against my cervix. I was surprised since even with Dekker I was only at 1.5 cm. Jen said that usually women do dialate earlier and longer with the more babies they have- and that I could sit at 3cm for a while- but that it certainly looks as if my body is getting ready to have the baby. So yes, I'm a little excited (and nervous).

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  1. I'm so glad you have been happy with your midwifes. It will be SO GREAT to have two of them there. It's like a free doula with way more training. I really can't wait to hear how it goes.