Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Midwife Appointment

Weight: +30 lbs
Naomi's heart rate: 140bpm
Measuring: 33 weeks

It's getting close. I'm measuring a little small but Jana (the midwife I saw today) said it's probably because Naomi seems to be mostly all on my right side- in more of a posterior position. Jana gave me some stretches and ideas on things to encourage her to move and turn. She said it's nothing to be worried about- but might as well help her along. She said Naomi is head down- but that he head is not "engaged" yet- which she said is also very normal- especially for non-first babies. It's funny because up until a few days ago Naomi was mostly on my left side- so much pressure in one spot that I was getting a burning/senstive stretched spot- so I noticed when she shifted because it was a bit of a relief! Now if we can just get her to shift between the two.

My next appointment is scheduled on my 36 week mark so we can make sure to get my strep B test done and back before 37 weeks (when Josh and Dekker came). That will also be the first time they check my cervix.

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