Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Midwife Appointment

Weight: +30 lbs
Naomi's heart rate: 140bpm
Measuring: 33 weeks

It's getting close. I'm measuring a little small but Jana (the midwife I saw today) said it's probably because Naomi seems to be mostly all on my right side- in more of a posterior position. Jana gave me some stretches and ideas on things to encourage her to move and turn. She said it's nothing to be worried about- but might as well help her along. She said Naomi is head down- but that he head is not "engaged" yet- which she said is also very normal- especially for non-first babies. It's funny because up until a few days ago Naomi was mostly on my left side- so much pressure in one spot that I was getting a burning/senstive stretched spot- so I noticed when she shifted because it was a bit of a relief! Now if we can just get her to shift between the two.

My next appointment is scheduled on my 36 week mark so we can make sure to get my strep B test done and back before 37 weeks (when Josh and Dekker came). That will also be the first time they check my cervix.

Monday, October 26, 2009

34 Weeks and counting

I went in for the follow-up ultra sound this morning. They said that all the fluid levels look normal- and so they see no cause for concern! No more ultra sounds, and I'm cleared to deliver at Orem Community hospital!

They took all your measurements and said that you way about 6 lbs, and that you are measuring about a week ahead. You're head down and pretty low- which is always a relief. And we caught you sticking out your tongue and taking a drink (so cute).

I am just so totally excited for you to get here! I've been doing major nesting. Your room is all painted- I have your name in Vinyl up on the wall and got some more wall vinyl that I'm hoping to put up soon. I washed all your newborn and 0-3 month stuff and have things organized in your closet, drawers and baskets. I even made you a new laundry sack that's pink and white instead of the yellow one I had and went to JoAnne's Fabric store the other day and picked out material to make a new boppy cover as well as a couple blankets and burp clothes. Nana gets here Wednesday night and is staying till Saturday and so I figure it'll be fun to have her help me with some of those sewing projects.

Tomorrow I go in for my check up with the midwife clinic.

Monday, October 12, 2009

32 Weeks +

Weight: +29 lbs
measuring: right at 32 weeks
biggest belly point: 42 inches
your heart rate: 155 bpm

Had an appointment with the midwife clinic this morning. It was a pretty in and out type of appointment. I did get told that I should probably watch my sugars and carbs since I never took the glucose test- but said that they're really not to concerned about it.

Rick and Jen had their baby girl last week and named her Baylie Marie (Jake and I were both advocates for the Baily name since we love it but can't use it since it was Jake's old girlfriend's family name that she wanted to use). Unlike their first daughter who was born with only a tiny bit of blonde hair- Baylie was born with lots of dark hair. She is SO CUTE and totally reminds me of Josh and Dekker when they were born- and it has me SO EXCITED to meet you and see what you'll look like!!!

Also, my cousin Natalie is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday- so I'm very much looking forward to that.

I finally got your room painted. It's a light teal color. Jake laughs because the room was yellow for Dekker and is now "blue" for our baby girl. But its very feminine and I really like it. I also ordered some cute vinyl wall art the other day that I think will help bring everything together. Since we've moved the boys I've finally been able to start organizing and setting up your things in there now and I love to go in there and look at all the cute little girl things I've been collecting from sales racks and such.

All of my family is going to be here for Thanksgiving- we figured that Mom would probably need to be here to help with you- and since Garrett and Kari are already here in Provo we might as well just have Denny come and then I invited Brian- and he called the other day saying that he and Kjerstin will most likely be here too! So if you do wait till Dec. 3rd or later it will be a bit of a dissappointment for everyone that's hoping to have you around for that holiday. If you were to come exactly 3 weeks early like your brothers, that would be November 12th- I'm guessing you won't come till some time during week 38 (Nov 19-25), but my "ideal" birth day for you would be November 14th. Weekends are always nice because its easy for Jake to be around- but now that he has class up in SL some Saturdays the weekend of the 14th would be best since his classes are on Friday that weekend- and we'd have some time to settle in before everyone arrives for Thanksgiving. We'll see how it all plays out though. My only fear is that I go into labor on Saturday the 21st while Jake is up in SLC and he can't get here in time- even that is unlikely though- since I'm sure you won't come SO FAST that he can't leave Salt Lake and get down here in time.

Well, Little One, we are all VERY excited!!!