Sunday, September 13, 2009

ultra sound #2

We went in for our follow-up ultra sound Thursday morning. Jake went with me, but we had a sitter come stay with the boys. Even though our blood tests coming back "normal" has released us from major worry- the ultra sound did of course bring up a few nerves again. Most people love to have ultra-sounds. I think I will forever more hate them. Along with any test that gets me stressed about things that really aren't in my control.

This ultra sound was much better though. The cysts have gone away. Naomi's abdomen is still measuring large- but there are no other signs that it is due to something serious. They looked for some of the other signs that would indicate the large measurement is due to some digestive blockage and found none. We did however agree to another ultra sound at 34 weeks where they will again measure the amniotic fluid and measure her again. It's just a precautionary measure. Basically too much amniotic fluid (fluid levels were normal this time) could indicate a problem- in which case they would recommend that I deliver at Utah Valley instead of Orem Community since the Utah Valley hospital has the Neonatal Clinic where she could have immediate surgery should it be necessary. The doctor stressed over and over again though that he did not think that would be the case. That if there were an issue we would see more signs of it by this point- and that the next ultra sound is just to be sure. He also talked to us again about the soft markers and blood tests again. Really all he could say is that there is not enough evidence to cause a lot of worry- but that of course ultra sounds and blood tests aren't perfect, and so there are no guarantees.

We've decided to trust that everything will be just fine, and to not stress out over that which we cannot control.

On a lighter note-

I picked up a few cute things at a couple yard sales this weekend for you- some little booties and a couple dresses.

You're giving me heart burn more often- so Tums Ultra are now stashed in a couple different place for quick retrieval.

From the ultra sound measurements they estimate your weight to be 3 pounds. You're getting bigger- and I can feel it! It's hard to explain, but you're no longer a little thing moving and bumping around here and there- I can feel little your little parts and limbs pushing and expanding all the time- It must be getting tighter in there because you are pushing up on my ribs more and more these days.

Oh- and it seems a bit late in the pregnancy for cravings (at least for me) but lately I've been drinking a lot of milk (which is STRANGE for me), chocolate soy milk, and toasted whole wheat "eggos" with peanut butter and jelly.

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