Wednesday, September 16, 2009

28 week apt

My appointment was on Monday. I successfully avoided my glucos test by not reminding them it was my 28 week apt when I checked in- and because I had to wait a little, by the time I got in I didn't have a full hour before I needed to be back to pick up Josh at preschool. They want me to come back some time this week or next to take the test- but we'll see if I get around to it.

The midwife clinic has three midwives- but at my last appointment they informed me that due to health reasons, one of them was leaving and would be replaced quickly. Yesterday I got to meet the new midwife and I really like her. She was super friendly and very supportive of my birth plan decisions. We were talking about books on natural childbirth and she recommended Birthing from Within- and so I might pick that up since I finished my other birthing books.

weight: + 27 lbs (I think I added a couple extra during my trip to WA)
measuring: 29 weeks
Your heart rate: 137
biggest belly point: 40.5 inches


  1. Have you talked to your midwives about not wanting the glucose test. I'm sure they would understand. Also, I heart "Birthing from Within" is a great book. I read a memoir of a midwife called "Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart" that I LOVED. It has a ton of births in it. Plus there is a birth book with just a bunch of empowering birth stories that you can get online for free, or order the actual book for $5. Here is the address.

    I have really enjoyed most the stories. A couple of them really bugged me though. She was WAY too extreme for me. I was totally turned off of her writing. Not sure why she bugged me so bad. I'm just reading the PDF and almost done.

    "Active Birth" is another book I got that I haven't read yet, but I have heard some great feedback about. It's mostly talking about positions etc. It's a required reading for doulas in training. I will definitely read it before having my next. The births stories on the PDF have suggestions of what books to read after each birth story and "birthing from within" was suggested by many of the women.

  2. Jaime, I found this blog linked to yours...I am so excited for you and this baby! After I met you the other day I was so happy for you and this pregnancy. God bless you. I am proud of you for going natural, that's how we do it in Italy, therefore I had all my three babies relying just on God and His strength and on my wonderful husband. each delivery has been an humbling experience...I did feel closer to the Savior...I am grateful for the opportunity I had to meet you at the gym, even though we didn't really spend time outside of the gym I was impressed with you and your family and I wish you the very best for everything!

    Giulia Petrollini Rogers