Monday, August 10, 2009

What others are saying...

I wanted to post some bits of emails and things that others have said regarding you that I feel are notable.

From your Grandma Chris:
Can I just tell you I'm honored that you would give her my name as a middle name?! I like my name becaues its versatile and because it means "follower of Christ"
Love You!

From your Papa Ger (taken from 3 different emails):
A little Girl is perfect! Naomi Christine....very cool.

Sera and I were just talking about a baby girl niece. She is excited and really likes the idea.

I was just thinking of you and was going to drop a note when yours popped up on the screen. Good Vibes!
I'm sure you're were on pins and needles after the ultrasound. I totally understand how worried you were and how relieved you must feel now.
I'm glad you elected to be conservative and take it easy. I'm sure you have enough stress in your daily routine let alone trying to drive to CA solo, pregnant with two rascally boys in tow.
I will try to get there to visit again at some point. It sounds like you are feathering your nest and getting ready for a little girl wonder to soften out and challenge those boys. She will be lucky to have two cool big brothers to look after her best interests. She will likely enjoy playing princess too. You'll have to teach her how to do the elongated girly name thing...."BRRRIIIIAAAAN!" ...... JOSSSHUAAAA!
Sweet, girly intentions ! Naomi will be beautiful !

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