Monday, July 13, 2009

A mover and a shaker!

Little one- you must be a mover and a shaker! Maybe I just have a bad memory (which is why I started this blog as a sort of journal for this pregnancy) but I do NOT remember feeling Josh or Dekker this much this early. It seems like you're always squirming in there and seem to have a talent for finding my bladder. The fun thing is that you're getting stronger and can now sometimes also be felt on the outside. Your dad was gone to a softball tournament this weekend down in St. George, but I began noticing Friday night that your more powerful kicks could be felt from the outside! Then last night when Jake was home he wanted to see if you could feel you- you weren't really in the mood to give him a show at first I guess, because he sat there for a while with his hand on my belly talking to you and trying to wake you up with no sucess- but then about 10 minutes later you began to kick and twist a bit. He only got to feel one kick, but it was still really exciting!

Thursday is the big day we get to find out if you're a boy or girl. I put a post on our other blog to find ask others to cast in their votes. So far most everyone thinks you're a girl. I think so too- but yesterday when I was at church I was watching the Wilkey family- they have SIX BOYS. I'm sure Sister Wilkey would have liked to have a girl in their somewhere but they are all just the coolest, nicest boys! I have one in my primary class and Jake has a couple in young men's and we just love 'em. Anyway- it made me realize that having a brood of cool boys would be pretty fun too- so we'll be happy either way!

Love you!


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