Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 17

Hi Little one! I've been feeling you move this week!!! At first it was subtle and I wasn't sure- but now I feel you more consistantly. It's so nice to know you're alive and well in there!

Getting a good night's rest has been harder lately. I need to go and get a body pillow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

16 Week Appt

Wight: +9 lbs. (yikes!)
Biggest Belly Point: 35.5 inches

I haven't written much lately becuase this last little bit has been pretty uneventful. Not feeling too sick (but I do still feel sick later at nights- especially if I eat spicey/strong flavored foods), but can't yet feel you move (although there have been a couple times when I've thought "is that the baby?" recently). Getting more heartburn, feeling more hungry, and gaining more weight, and the belly is bigger! I've had 2-3 people now openly recognize that I'm pregnant before I told them- all of them know what I look like non-pregnant too though. Don't think I'm quite to the point where a stranger would dare ask.

Went to the midwife today and took both boys with me. Josh was SO excited to hear the baby's heart beat. 134 bpm this time- much easier to find and clearer this time. And we scheduled the ultrasound appointment! Thursday July 16th at 9am. And we are most certainly finding out what we'll be having. I CAN NOT WAIT!