Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weight gain

Well, even though I gained 4-5 pounds off the bat, at least this last month it's only solidified that total at 5 and hasn't been more than that. Don't worry- I'm not agains weight gain in pregnancy- I realize its normal and important- I was just worried when I gained so much so fast!

I talked with my friend Heather today who delivered two babies with OBGYNs and then her third with a midwife group. It was good to talk to someone who comes from a somewhat similar background and thought process as me. We both just kept coming back to the idea that its just much better to be the one informed and making choices. To be an active player in the process, rather than fearful and med-seeking. She admitted that her experience with the midwives wasn't perfect either- but said it was still a better epereince.

I was reading today that the babies now about the size of a peanut. Oh!!! My little peanut!!!

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