Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elastic waist bands are great!

Man, this last week my belly has really started to grow! I mean- most people probably just think I've got a "pooch",but if you know me, and know I'm pregnant- it's certainly starting to show! This week I've had to rubberband the button on my jeans for more stretch, pull out my bigger sized pants, and of course- the elastic waistbands. Oh- and certainly no more fitted tops for me! I know I didn't show this much this early with Josh or Dekker- but I guess my body just "knows what its doing" this time around. Oh- and just the past two days I've started to feel the pregnant munchies. I can't eat my regular 3 meals a day anymore- time to allow for smaller meals and more frequent snacks and liquids- which is how I probably SHOULD eat all the time- but is now a necessity.

Oh my sweet little one! I think about you all the time now... This pregnancy is going SO SLOW!!!!! I want to at least find out if you are a boy or girl so we can settle on and start referring to you by name!

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