Saturday, May 30, 2009

The baby comes early gene

I just got home from my cousin Emily's wedding reception. She's a cousin on the Bybee side. I have lots of Bybee family here in the area- but I don't see them all that often. It was nice to see everyone- especially my Aunt Sue who I love! She has five girls (and 2 sons) and I always get told I look like a "Sue Wright girl". I was talking to her and her daughter and telling them that I'm pregnant. They asked when I'm due and I told them December 3rd but that I'm counting on a November baby since both Josh and Dekker came 3 weeks early. They both quickly responded, "Yep, we're related!" My Aunt went on to tell me that all of her babies came early some even 4, and one SEVEN weeks early. Her daughter Stephenie told me that all of hers (she has four or five- I can't remember) came early, again mostly 3 one 4 and, one tried to come seven weeks early too- but the doctors made preventions to keep the baby from delivering that early. Anyway- it was really interesting to hear because I am built like them, and both Josh and Dekker had lots of dark hair which is another thing that we have in common. So yeah- just a fun side note.

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