Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To my Newest One,

I dedicate this blog to you!

I found out just a short week ago today that you were on your way! Your father and I had made the decision to have another baby, and so were hoping to get pregnant during March 2009. I started to suspect I was pregnant when I noticed my breasts were more tender and had a couple quick-passing feelings of nausea. Your dad kept asking me if I was pregnant yet, and when I told him I suspected so he began begging me to take a test. On the night of the 24th I promised him I would take one the next morning (so it would be more accurate) even though it would still be a day or two early. That morning I woke up about 5am with a need to pee, remembering my promise I went ahead and grabbed the pregnancy test. Not wanting to fully wake up though, I didn't turn on any lights. I peed on the little stick and tried to read an answer. In the dim light though I couldn't really see it, and I didn't want to wait too long before returning to bed- so I set it on the bathroom counter and went back to bed, thinking that maybe there was a positive sign- but if it was it had been faint.

A couple hours later Jake woke up and was getting ready to get in the shower when HE remembered our pact- he popped his head out the bathroom door and said, "Swettie, remember to come take the test!" When I responded "I already have..." he yelled, "what!?" I explained and told him where to find it. He immediately found it and yelled, "You're pregnant!" to which I responded "Oh good! I couldn't tell when I read it last night." He was a little dumbfounded that I was more energetic- but mother's intuition had already told me I was- and so the test was just confirming it.

From that day forward I began noticing more frequent feelings of "morning sickness". I was a bit surprised, because I had had none with Josh, and though I had some with Dekker it wasn't till I was more like 6 weeks. They've increased in strength- thous I have yet to actually throw up, I have actually ran to the toilet thinking I would twice already- where I only did that once with Dekker. The other unique thing thus far is that I seem to feel worst at night, and after SWEETS! I console myself that it will help me keep from gaining too much weight. Speaking of weight... I've gained about 3 pounds already! It could just be because the second and 3rd weeks in March we were traveling (to St. George and Colorado) and so I didn't eat as well- but since being back I've actually been more cautious about what I ate and how much I exercised because I'm already at a higher weight than I wanted to be going in to all of this... It does have me a bit superstitious that maybe Jake's wish for twin girls has turned into reality. I did tell Jake last night (after really bad nausia) that this pregnancy has already felt so different that it has to be either a girl, or twins- to which he responded, "or both!!!". Of course, many women say that their pregnancies get harder with each child, or that pregnancies in your 30s are more difficult... so we'll see.

"We'll see." That reminds me about Josh. Josh is so excited for you. We talked to him about the possibility of having another baby before we started trying, to which he responded with much enthusiasm. Now that he knows "there's a baby in Moma's belly" he is constantly telling me, "I'm excited for a new baby in our family" and "I love the new baby in your belly" and is lately has started patting and rubbing "the baby". When anyone asks him if he wants a brother or sister, or what we should name the baby he simply answers, "We will see!" I love that he is old enough to be excited about it all.

Jake is also VERY excited. I'm so happy, because he was more hesitant than I to have baby number three- but he is so excited. I wanted to keep it "on the down low" for a while- but he started telling everyone- so I relented as well. He is really wanting a girl, or twin girls, as already mentioned- but will of course be happy with a boy as well.

I'm hoping for a girl too- but I've been thinking that if its a boy then it will be that much easier to petition with a fourth baby later. At first I didn't have any mother's intuition feelings one way or the other, but the last couple days have begun to feel it will be a girl. We'll see if I continue to feel that way.

Well, my little one. That is it for now. I hope I can continue to record details of the pregnancy for you and I to look back on one day together!

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