Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Business of Being born

Watched the documentary "The Business of Being Born" last Friday. It was pretty good. Can't say I totally agree with it, and it's pretty one sided- but its from the side women don't hear much from- and for that I think its important. Some of the points are pretty old- it talked a lot about elected C-sections and the risks they bring, and inductions in general. It certainly still is a problem- because I know there are many places where that is the case- but the documentary almost made it seem as if all doctors and hospitals ritually use PIT and prefer inductions and C-sections. I know that the two doctors I delivered with would not. It also really pushed the idea of running away from hospitals altogether and that one's only hope to deliver the way they hope to is to deliver at home. After watching it I felt the opposite. I certainly agreed that women today are taught to be fearful of the labor and delivery and are convinced tha "doctors know best" and just go with the "norm". I know especially with Josh I was that way. At the same time I'm very thankful for the modern medicines and facilities of a hospital. I just think that doctors and hospitals need to be more informed and accepting of natural birth and midwives- and trust women more in making wise choices. To work together... I want to deliver "naturally"- but have all the comforts and clean up of a hospital staff, and the back up if something goes wrong.

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  1. I definitely have to disagree with you on this one. I do believe that there are way too many doctors out there that are pushing pit. I would venture to say most. I talk to a lot of girls about their birth stories and most had pitocin if they went to the hospital in early stages of labour. Also, I hear TOO MANY stories (family members, friends, etc) that are induced for no medical reason. Mostly out of convenience for the woman which I find selfish and dangerous. So I do think a lot of times it's not the doctors fault but the uninformed patient. However, Dan being in the medical field I have to completely agree with the movie. After Dan watched it he totally agreed with what was said. During his OB rotation he saw like 13 C-sections and maybe 2 or 3 vaginal births. That is ridiculous. What I do disagree about is that I do believe we can have beautiful births at the hospital. There is a lot of blame that is put on the doctors and the system, but I think the majority of the blame should be put on the mother. If women were more informed, the C-section rate and induction rate would drop dramatically. I would love to have a home birth, but like you, I want to added comfort of a hospital in case something does really go wrong. Although, I definitely don't think the hospital is the most sanitary place to have a baby. Another thing I do not fully agree with in the movie is when the guy says women who have C-sections don't bond with their baby. (He relates it to how animals reject their babies). I do think it makes it much harder, but it's not impossible, and I think that comment is insensitive and after being pregnant, I bonded with Caleb before he was even born, so I found that comment out there. Anyway, sorry for the whole soap box, but this is something I feel so strongly about. Dan going through med school and the research I have done, I truly believe doctors should only be used for high risk pregnancies. Unfortunately in medicine doctors are trained to be a certain way, and they are surgeons. They are looking for what is going wrong instead of letting the natural process happen. I could go on and on, but I wont.