Thursday, April 9, 2009

6 week mark

Today I went to the gym and rode the elliptical for just under an hour. My body feels so different already. Maybe I didn't pay as much attention before, or maybe my now 30 year old body just feels it all the more. You're worth it though- we are so excited for you!

I scheduled my first midwife appointment today. It will be April 23rd. You will be my first baby seeing a midwife instead of an OBGYN. I debated if I should go with Mt. Timpanogos Women's Midwife group- who delivers at American Fork Hospital, or with the New Beginnings Nurse Midwife group who will deliver at the smaller Orem hospital. I decided to go with the New Beginnings group because the rooms are bigger at that hospital and Vicky Gonzales, a woman from my ward who is a delivery nurse there, highly recommended them and the hospital. She's a smart, sweet lady- who loves her job and has been doing it for years- so her opinion had a big impact on my decision.

Still feel sick off and on- more so at nights. It does seem better this week than last though! I've been craving eggs and mexican food (beans and rice?) so I guess I need more protein.

The last couple of days Josh has started saying, "We don't have a girl baby yet. Maybe this one will be a girl baby!" So I guess we're all hoping for a girl now- but we'll love you if you're a boy just the same!

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  1. Oh this blog is so dang cute. I love that you are talking to him/her. I'm so excited you are doing a midwife!!! That's so awesome. You will love it. YAY FOR BABIES!