Friday, June 1, 2012

My "Minnie"

Naomi is potty trained! She was my easiest to train by far. She was about 50% the first day, had two accidents the second day, and was accident free the third. Of course, since then we've had more accidents, but really not too many- mostly when I put her in her room for time out. I've started putting her in the bathroom now instead. She also wears a pull up to bed and at most naps. This was necessary at first, but this last week she's stayed dry even at nights. She also tells me when we're out if she needs to go and uses public toilets with a little help. I'm so happy!

Her hair is finally getting thick and long enough to put in pig tails, pony tails and things. Though they still slip out or get pulled out pretty often. Naomi loves to dress herself and puts together some pretty crazy outfits. She mostly wants to wear dresses and skirts. When she can tell someone is getting ready to leave she'll grab jackets, purses, shoes, hats or whatever other accessories she thinks will convince us that she's ready to "go too".

She still has a talent for getting into trouble and we are working hard to get her to use her words more and cry less. Everyone used to be impressed with how much this girl eats. She still likes to have a sample of anything she sees someone else eating on her plate, but just nibbles and tastes most things.

I love that recently she and Dekker have started playing with each other more. In the afternoons when he's back from preschool and Josh isn't home yet Dekker and she will play. Today Dekker was hiding glow in the dark bracelets and then she would find them.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Naomi at Two

We celebrated Naomi's 2nd Birthday yesterday! Oh my how I love this little girl.

Naomi is talking more and more all the time. The favorite thing of mine that she says is "It's spicy". She says it remarkably clear, but in her cute little voice and inflection. Jake's favorite thing that she says is "I love you" because it really doesn't sound like "I love you" at all but "Iwahoo" but we know that's what she says because she says it back after we do, and has started even saying after one of her cute fish face unsolicited kisses. Her "Josh" and "Dex" used to both sound more like "Dash" but are now very clear and distinguishable. I also like the way she says "Read some books"- oh and how she says "horsey" "Mommy" and "Daddy" rather than just horse, mama, and Dad.

Although Naomi is our little princess, she is also my most mischievous one! I thought a girl would be less trouble- boy was I wrong! Where the boys sometimes fell into trouble, Naomi LOOKS for it. She waits until I'm distracted, or sees when there's an opportunity and moves FAST to get into things. She loves my purse and make up drawer and WATER! She loves to climb up, turn on and play in any sink. She even managed to flood our basement already by throwing toilet paper into the sink so that it couldn't keep up with the full blast water she was pouring into it.

She knows how to keep from getting into too much trouble too. As soon as she's caught she stops what she's doing, says "Okay!" and reaches out with open arms for a big hug (and to be carried away from the mess she's just made). Despite her ability to cause trouble, she really is a sweet heart. She gives such good hugs, snuggles and kisses. When the boys are wrestling and one of them is "hurt" or "dead" she will run and give them kisses to revive them. She adores her dad, and knows that he loves her. Jake tells me all the time that I'm going to have to be the one to discipline her cause he "just can't get mad at her".

We love our two year old Naomi, and life wouldn't be the same without her!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A week from tomorrow

I cannot believe it. I knew it would come fast, but not this fast. I'm happy I am. I'm sad too.

You are only nursing when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Which is nice for me since you now have 6 teeth. People say that with the right latch teeth shouldn't hurt. I guess we never got your latch quite right.

You make the signs "sleepy", "hungry", "thirsty", "all done" and can wave hello and goodbye. You say "woof, woof." And occasionally will say "Mama" "Dadad" and your own little versions of Josh and Dekker.

You LOVE your dad, and now just how to keep him wrapped around your little finger. When he's around you are reaching for him. You kiss him and snuggle him more than anyone. He eats it up. You like to play with him. You love to have him throw and toss you around on our bed.

You want to be just like your big brothers. Lately you love to follow them down to the toy room. You no longer like to go down the stairs backwards. Instead you hold on to the rails and slowly step down, or will sit on your bum and slide down that way. It makes us all nervous, but I guess you just want to show you can be like the big kids. In the toy room you love to reach in and pull everything out of the bins and boxes. We have a shorter box that you love to climb into.

Next Saturday is your birthday. Thank you for being here. I'm so happy you are healthy. I'm so happy you're mine.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eight months goes fast

Originally I thought I would do a monthly post on here until Naomi turned ONE. I've done those monthly posts, but I usually ended up posting them to our photoshare blog- and in fear of being repetitive- didn't post them here as well. This month though I had so many cute pics I figured I could get away with it. Plus I'm very pleased to announce (but I didn't want to put this on our photo blog) that I officially made it to pre-baby weight! Now- a number on the scale is not the best thing to go by. I still have a much squishier mid-section than I'd like, and my ideal weight is still a few more pounds away- but having met this mark- some of the other goals seem more reachable.

Now... to my sweet Naomi,

Oh how we love you Little One! Your dad says he didn't know how badly he needed you until you came. Your brothers can't get enough of you and I feel the need to constantly "protect" you from their smothering- even though you don't seem to mind too much. You are my busiest baby- always moving forward to the next step and accomplishing all benchmarks at a fast pace. You are full of smiles, but some what reserved with your laughs (although its getting easier to summon the giggles).

This last month you cut your two bottom teeth in the same day. You've become more playful and even joined in on your first round of "piece of this" with you Dad and brothers the other night. At first you watched with concern as they squealed and bounced around- but then you quickly decided it must be fun, and made your moves to join in. We all thought it was super cute to watch you try and attack, eat, and climb on Dad, and you laughed so hard when he tickled and attacked you back. You are all over the place and even learned to climb up the stairs. I'm constantly trying to contain you and keep you out of things much to your and my frustration. And though your not as cuddly as my boys, it makes your snuggles and kisses all the more rewarding when you decide to bestow them upon me.

I love you!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 months

24.1" long (43.19%)
12.3lbs (20.49%)
Head crc 16.2" (55.48%)
My weight: +8lbs
You laughed for the first time Feb 15. Started rolling from you back to tummy March 8th. Just the last couple of days you've really discovered your feet and like lifting them up in the air to look at. Still a good little sleeper, but you spit up ALL THE TIME! I am constantly washing burp cloths and changing your shirts (and mine). You're better about your car seat- but its still not your favorite place to be. Oh- and if I have you on your back on my lap you love to push off just far enough to let your head hang upside down (must remind you of the womb?). You laugh more and more, but we still have to work for them- at least I can say you are very generous with your smiles!

I floated around +10lbs the whole third month and finally started losing weight again this last month. I've realized the weight isn't going to come off as easy this time, but with Jake as busy as he is it was hard for me to get to the gym. I have a VIP pass though, so now that you're a little older, and the weather is a little warmer I've been going twice a week. I still try to go a little later in the day when there aren't so many kids there though- in the hopes of keeping you and the boys from catching too many colds, viruses, etc.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 week post partum

My six week post partum appointment was Tuesday.

Weighed in at +14lbs- which means I've lost a couple- hooray!

Everything else checked out fine as well.

Its been a rough last couple of weeks because I got hit with a nasty cold. Everyone else including little you has gotten it as well- but I seem to have been hit the hardest. It's extra hard since I really try not to take anything for fear of drying up my milk supply- but there have been a couple of nights when I gave in to NyQuil.

You had me worried because you stopped pooping on a daily basis. I even called the pediatrition because I rea that if an infant under 2 months doesn't have a bowl movement in 24 hours you should call. They said since you're still having plenty of wet diapers and there hasn't been any other signs to be concerned about that you're probably just entering a new phase. Then Tuesday the poo factory opened up big time! :) You had a blow out while I was at my appointment- luckily they had wipes and a diaper right there handy.

Looks like you've got a herniated belly button like Dekker- though not quite as big as his was. Doesn't bother me too much since Dekker's is now all but gone. Jake says if you still even have the slightest of one at age four (the earliest they'll do surgery on them) we should make sure you get the surgery.

You are smiling and cooing more and more. You've slept 8 hours one night and 5-6 hours at night almost regularly.

You hate your car seat though, and ALWAYS want to be held. The only reason I think you sleep good at night is due to the Snugglie wraps I wrap you up tight in and put on a hat- because during the day (when I don't bother to wrap you in more than a simple blanket) you never sleep in your crib for very long. You do okay in the bjorn carrier- but you certainly make it difficult for me to get much done during the days.

Those smiles win me over though. I love you SOSOSOSOSO VERY MUCH!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 weeks old

You're starting to fill out a little again- which I love. For a while your little face was just looking to skinny to me, but now your getting fuller cheeks again. You're in the awkward stage of getting too long for some of you newborn sized clothes, but still too skinny/little for 0-3 stuff.

Breastfeeding? I cried a lot today. I'm taking a break from nursing you on the left completly. Just pumping it, giving you some of that milk, and relying on the right side to make up the difference (at least I've never had a problem producing I guess). Not sure what the problem is exactly- my steroid cream hasn't done the trick. I have a bad crack that I think is just from proper latching issues that I'm trying to let heal and then we'll go round two. I alwasy freak myself out though worrying about yeast, mastitis, and (dare I say it?) staff. I pray over and over that it'll be okay. Perhaps swallowing my pride and going to or calling the lactation clinic would help- but I feel like this being baby 3, and all I've been through I should be able to figure it out better than them. We'll survive.

You're starting to snuggle and respond to me more. Just in little ways. I love the way you root around- and I like to hold you up to my cheeks and have you try to suck on them- I pretend those are your kisses to me!

I decided to step on a scale today... even though I said I wouldn't do that till my 6week check up. Sitting at +16 lbs, which means I've lost about 16lbs... I'm wondering if thats any more than I lost at the birth between baby, placenta, water weight etc... Oh well. I'm not going to stress myself out about it YET.